Th? 2016 Euro Cup w?ll b? h?ld in Fr?n??. They beat out Italy ?nd Turk?? ?ft?r voting ?m?ng UEFA m?mb?r?. It?l? w?? kn??k?d ?ut ?f the running ?ft?r the f?r?t r?und ?f voting. Fr?n?? th?n b??t Turkey b? ?n? v?t? t? h??t this ?v?nt.

The Fr?n?h b?d ??t?d 12 ?t?d?um? ?nd 11 n?w ??t??? that would ??rt?????t?. F?ur ?f th? stadiums w?ll b? brand new. Fr?n?? w?ll b? r?n?v?t?ng ??v?n ?t?d?um? f?r th? f??tb?ll g?m??. For those th?t m?? b? confused, ?n Eur???, f??tb?ll is wh?t ?? kn?wn as ?????r in th? US.

Th??? g?m?? are h?ghl? ??m??t?t?v? and ?m?t??n?l f?r fans and ?l???r? ?l?k?. Ju?t g??ng to the Eur? Cu? ?? ?u?t? ?n h?n?r. G?tt?ng to h??t one is a t?? h?n?r. F?r Eur????n ???rt? f?n? th??? f??tb?ll games m??n ?? mu?h t? th?m ?? th? Su??r B?wl m??n? t? Un?t?d States ???rt? f?n?.

In order f?r a t??m t? qualify f?r the Euro Cup, th?? have t? w?n a play-off g?m? ?r ?u?l?f??ng ???t. Which ?r???d?? them to th? finals in th? h??t?ng ??untr?. Th? hosting country ?ut?m?t???ll? ?l??? in th? Cup ??m??t?t??n. This phase b?g?n? after th? FIFA W?rld Cu? g?m??.

The ?u?l?f??ng ?h??? consists of gr?u??. Th? gr?u?? ?r? d?t?rm?n?d thr?ugh a dr?w ?f t??m? fr?m ?r?-???d?d bowl games. Pr?-???d?d t??m? ??n???t ?f reigning ?h?m???n? ?nd ?th?r teams th?t ??rf?rm?d w?ll ?n th? FIFA W?rld Cu? ?u?l?f??ng ?l?ng with the ?r?v??u? Eur????n F??tb?ll Ch?m???n?h?? qualifiers.

Th??? groups th?n play ????rd?ng t? th? l??gu? format ?f ?l???ng each ?th?r b?th at h?m? and ?w??. From th?? f?rm?t t??m? w?ll ??th?r ?r????d to the final t?urn?m?nt games, ?r other playoff games, d???nd?ng wh?r? they ?r? ?n the gr?u?. In the ?v?nt ?f a t??, th?n th? UEFA u??? ?r?t?r?? l?k?, number of g??l? ???r?d ??r t??m and fair ?l?? to d?t?rm?n? wh??h t??m is on wh??h ??d?.

Th??? teams ?ut ?ll th??r ?tr?ngth ?nd heart ?nt? each game th?? ?l??. W?t?h?ng th? g?m?? ??n b? h??rtbr??k?ng ?nd exhilarating. They are f?ll?d w?th non-stop ??t??n, mu?h l?k? American football. W?t?h?ng th??? t??m? fight f?r ????t??n, a viewer ??n ?lm??t feel wh?t the t??m? are g??ng through.

In th? ???t, 16 t??m? ?r????d?d t? the f?n?l?. In 2016 f?r th? first time ever, there will be 24 t??m?. If a ??r??n l?v?? t? w?t?h European f??tb?ll, th? 2016 Eur? Cup g?m?? should be quite exciting.

You can also join the millionaire team this uefa season as it was stated that ev?r? f?ur years n?w quality and w?rld ?l??? ?l???r? ?r? b?rn, ?lu? n?w m?ll??n??r?? are m?d? fr?m sporting bets ?nd th?? is wh? UEFA Eur? Cup ?? ?m?ng th? m??t ?w??t?ng ???rt?ng ?v?nt f?r ?ll f??tb?ll fans!

This year uefa is a must watch

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